My son, the (doctor? surfer? milkman?)

My son told me he doesn’t know if he wants to go to college.  At first, I was insistent.  Oh, you’ll go.  You’re in the gifted and talented program!  How can you not go to college? 

Now, with joblessness so pervasive, is it necessary?  Is it just accruing debt without a guaranteed position?

Finding myself nodding off through certain gigs, I know how he feels about school.  As much as I appreciate my weekly SEO projects (what’s up, Dan R.?) and my senior citizens’ column (salutations, seniors!) I much prefer my gig writing prayers, which is near and dear to my heart (Holla, Sue D.!) 

In the same way, my son likes social studies and science, but literally leaves his body during Spanish class.  Four extra years of this kind of rote learning doesn’t exactly appeal to him.

So how do we impart to our kids how to find a way to earn a living doing something that lights them up from the inside?  Is it possible to really make ends meet doing things you enjoy?  Why doesn’t someone write a manual about this?  When will I stop asking questions??  I don’t know?  Oh.

Now my advice to him is:  find your forté, and work toward a goal.  Get a job you love so you don’t feel like it’s work.  Learn how to think critically.  Form your own opinions.  Be as good as your word.  Organize yourself to get things done so you can earn your keep.

And never put your mother in a nursing home! 

Not too much pressure on an eleven year old, eh?


3 Responses to My son, the (doctor? surfer? milkman?)

  1. in567 says:

    Great advice, Mom Ruth!

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