Franklin Township, NJ. My Town. Best in America?!?

Franklin Township, New Jersey, where I live, was voted by Money Magazine as one of the best places to live in America.  Now, this is my town, and I love my community, but…

As Simon Cowell might say, if I’m being honest…

I really don’t get it.  And I live here!  It’s not a bad place to live, or I wouldn’t live here.  But we’ve got some issues up in this burg.

The things you hear about in movies, like drive-by shootings, bank robberies, street gangs… we’ve actually got all that.  And more!  It doesn’t happen every day, but it does occur frequently enough that we really don’t take casual strolls to walk the dog at night.  Not even down our own street.

At our town’s high school prom last year, there was full-scale chaos as the students and parents fought the police.  I mean, with fists.  Not, like, the debate team.

There’s a young man on trial now for killing a teen who wanted to be a member of the Bloods.  When he didn’t pass the “G-check” – a code members of the gang use to identify other members – he was shot to death.

This happened at our Little League Park.

95% of the people in our town are good people just trying to do the right thing, pay the bills, raise a family.  But that small, negative element just makes it hard for the rest of us.

If we were to win an award it would have to be for our spirit.  There are wonderful people here who really reach out to neighbors in need. If anything, Franklin should win the “we keep going in the face of adversity” award.


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