But That’s not my Beef

Our governor here in New Jersey, Chris Christie, fired his Department of Education Commissioner, Bret Schundler, after it was revealed that incorrect data on our Race to the Top application cost the state a $400 million education grant. 

But that’s not my beef.

Then, another wrinkle was added when Schundler told Christie that he had supplied the correct data during a presentation to federal reviewers once the error was apparent.  Video of the meeting shows he had not.

But that’s not my beef.

After Schundler was asked by Christie’s operatives to resign, he asked if they would fire him instead so he could receive unemployment.

Now, that’s my beef.

To summarize:

□          Incompetence

□          Cover-up

□          Outright Lie

□          Golden Parachute 

√          All of the Above

Wonder what’s next in the saga that is New Jersey politics?


2 Responses to But That’s not my Beef

  1. SueBE says:

    It seems like Boards of Education and School Boards will be the next Wall Street (see your Golden Parachute comment). Our School Board just awarded our superintendent life time health care that wasn’t in his contract to keep him from retiring for one more year. The estimate for total cost is something over $200,000 but they aren’t sure what it will be or when it will start because they don’t know if he will retire or which health care package he will choose. Now, how the heck are they going to budget for that?

  2. rhcwilliams says:

    I hear ya, SueBE. It makes me wonder how they can unilaterally decide what happens with our tax dollars. At least nowadays we’re able to find out some of the questionable things they do, like lifetime health care for your superintendent. In the past, we just never knew about that kind of shady deal.

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