Training to be a Husband

Had to run out for an errand, but didn’t want to get all fapitzed, so I asked my son if I looked too grungy to be seen in public. 

Without looking up from the computer, he said, “You look fine.” 

“You didn’t even look!” I said, laughing.

He thought quick and said, “You always look fine.”

Points for that one. 

On my way out, I teased, “You’re training to be a husband, honey!  Remember, at least pretend to glance up when I ask how my outfit looks next time!”  Eye roll.

I get more eye rolls per capita than anyone I know.  Means I’m doing my job.


2 Responses to Training to be a Husband

  1. in567 says:

    You’ve taught him well, Ruth. Cheers!

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