In Italian there is a
lingering note that precedes
the fugue of living.
Appoggiatura – a sustained tone
that cuts into the time
of the next chord.
Sometimes it’s called a grace note
alternately, a time-stealer.
There’s a whole constellation
of distractions in my repertoire.
Things I tell myself
I must accomplish before
I let joy settle:
That last ten pounds
That college degree
That nest egg.
Please help me take
Your words to heart –
that grace is a gift,
and life is to be lived.
Right now.

3 Responses to Appoggiatura

  1. sf says:

    Reblogged this on untitled press and commented:

  2. sf says:

    Another treasure to share as I travel through your archive trove!

    • rhcwilliams says:

      Awww, thanks Boo! It’s so sweet of you to re-post this prayer-poem. I originally wrote it for, but that site was absorbed by You are a real gem! 🙂 Ruth

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