If you read my bloggie – and hey, you’re doing it now, aren’t ya? – you know that “Survivorman” is one of my all-time favorite shows.  Someday, when I’m sure my mom’s spirit wouldn’t mind, I’ll tell you how this relates to my rather surreal childhood!  But the time is not right for that.

I think I should start a show called Survivormom.  Some mothers pretend that their home is always spotless and their kids always well-behaved.  In the real world, most of us clear out the space people will see when they walk in the front door, but the bedrooms and closets are cluttered and messy.  And kids?  Well-behaved?  More like sporadically inexplicable and occasionally irascible.

Survivormom Tip of the Day:  It’s a dirty (literally) little secret that most of us have been forced to – gasp – resockle.  That is, recycle our kids’ socks because they don’t have any clean ones.  Please note that holes on the soles (I’m a poet and didn’t realize it) don’t count, since no one sees them.  Also, as long as the socks are covered well-enough by the pant leg, socks really don’t have to match.  Survivormom’s basic philosophy is:  it’s okay to cut corners.  Just don’t ever cut your own bangs!


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