Workaday Dreams

Here’s a really off-kilter sentence that is, oddly enough, exactly what I am trying to say.

Vote with your feet for your dreams.

That’s some choppy syntax, isn’t it?  And it makes it seem like I’m telling you to take your toes and press a lever on a voting machine!  But what I’m really saying is this.

Follow your dreams and the money and opportunities will follow eventually.

On the other hand, the universe isn’t some great cash register in the sky.

Pray, but walk toward that goal.  Say a mobile prayer, using your own initiative and energy to walk toward what you want.  Vote with your feet for your dreams.

For example, if you are just starting out as a writer, saturate yourself in the culture of writers and books.  Where would one go to accomplish this?  The bookstore, the library, online writing groups.  One of the best how-to sites for writers is One Writer’s Journey by my dear friend and writing collaborator, Sue Bradford Edwards.

SueBE gives real-world advice to writers, such as her excellent article, Recovering from Rejection, and she lists her writing goals for the week, month and year.  This is a great tool for a serious writer, as in, if you put your goals on your blog for the world to see, there is an element of accountability and transparency you can’t escape.  Your readers will know if you keep listing, “have coffee and stare out the window at a blue jay” as a goal, that maybe you aren’t quite on target!

More on this topic tomorrow.


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