Coleman’s Tech Tip

Every so often, I’m going to post technology-related tips from my son, Coleman.  He’s our family help desk, and is really into anything to do with computers.  Here’s his suggestion for today.

Instead of spending big bucks on anti-virus software, I suggest using Avast free anti-virus or Microsoft Security Essentials.

Avast and MSE were proven and tested as well, if not better, than MacAfee. 

You could use the money you save and put it toward a better computer.


2 Responses to Coleman’s Tech Tip

  1. John Brown says:

    What do you think about AVG? The free version can be downloaded Many of my friends recommended it and they are always on their computers.

    • rhcwilliams says:

      Thanks for the comments, John. Here’s Coleman’s response:

      “There are many free anti-virus programs – AVG and Avira are other viable options. Just be aware that you should have a firewall and an anti-spyware program as well. A good firewall to consider is Comodo Firewall, and it’s free to the user. A good anti-spyware program to consider is Malware Bytes Anti-Malware, which is also free.”

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