Auditioning Churches

As one of those pesky SBNR people – you know, “Spiritual But Not Religious” – I’ve been very active in my faith life… blogging about prayer and positivity with Sue Bradford Edwards, Lori Strawn, Karen Laven and Abi Wurdeman at praypower4today; writing prayers for and  But one thing has been conspicuously absent in my spiritual practice, and that is a church home to call my own.

I’ve “auditioned” a few local churches, and the one that seems to be the best fit for the “part,” if you will, is the Unitarian Universalist church.  This liberal, social-activism-centered faith seems to welcome all with open arms and to jibe with my beliefs.  Anyone else have a suggestion for an open-minded, non-dogmatic church that affords women positions of note in both clergy and laity?


2 Responses to Auditioning Churches

  1. scottsinope says:

    Any church that serves champagne for made-up holidays is “ok” with me. The UU is the easiest church to belong to. If you want to go more main stream Christian, the Methodists in the north are about as socially liberal as you can get (ok with women leaders, homosexuals, ect) and spend most of their time playing hymnal karaoke with the congregation. Finally, if you can find a Universal Life Church (rare) they tend to be loose affiliations of people with near zero hierarchy, order, or dogma.

    • rhcwilliams says:

      Sounds like you’ve auditioned a few churches yourself, Scott – ‘preciate the input. I’d never heard of the Universal Life Church, but sounds like they might be open to everybody. The thing about the Methodists playing a lot of hymns is helpful to me, since I’d probably get bored if it was all just music. I’ll keep auditioning and update as I go.

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