Uniquely New Jersey Phrases

Red lights and Traffic (365.160) by Doc Stampede
Red lights and Traffic (365.160), a photo by Doc Stampede on Flickr.

Not f’nuttin.  This is stated like it’s some profound utterance no one else had ever considered, as in, “have you thought of this point?”

That’ll happen. Cynical sarcasm is our specialty here in New Jersey.  Patent pending.

How’s yourself. H’what?  Someone says, “How are you?” and you answer, “Fine.  How’s yourself?”  What’s with adding an extra syllable to make yourself appear smarter, but doing the opposite?

Youse guys. Down South, the equivalent would be “y’all.”  This is more south Jersey.

And whatnot.  Somehow, we think this pointless addendum actually elaborates on a point.

I got nothin. This is a catch-all, for times when we can’t think of anything interesting to say, or what we have left after we’ve paid our taxes in the great Garden State.

Hasta La-Later! I just made this one up now, but am hoping it’ll catch on as a Uniquely Joisey Phraze.  Peace out, youse guys!


5 Responses to Uniquely New Jersey Phrases

  1. scottsinope says:

    You’re missing a few. The main ones being “Goin down da shore” (the word to is never uttered) “the jughandle” (I give directions to people and if they have out of state plates, the faces they make are hilarious.) “Pine-ese” (People of the Pine barrens area) “Taylor Ham” and asking “which exit?” when hearing someone say where their home is.

    • rhcwilliams says:

      You’re right, Scott, that’s actually a big one – “Goin down da shore.” Brings back memories just to read that! And the “which exit?” is so true too. Thanks for those important Jerseyisms!

  2. […] “Uniquely New Jersey Phrases” seems to be the most popular feature on my ‘umble bloggie, so let’s have at it again! […]

  3. Nanette says:

    Cute! BUT… “How’s yourself” is used in Fresno, CA too!

    • rhcwilliams says:

      Hi Nanette!

      Is it true? Those Fresno people are co-opting our colorful slash sassy Jersey-speak? I am outraged. Yet still flattered that they want to be like us.:) PS Love your blog!


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