Take off the Party Hats Please

bld_29 by urbancn
bld_29, a photo by urbancn on Flickr.

There’s something unsettling about celebrating in the streets of America that Osama bin Laden was killed. Not just the fact that it could inflame tensions with those who already don’t like us. It just doesn’t feel like it’s who we are as a nation.


2 Responses to Take off the Party Hats Please

  1. scottsinope says:

    It does seem reminiscent of some of the celebrating we saw in other parts of the world on 9/11… remember those photos? Seems the only difference is there is less fire and firearms. See if you can find those old clips and pics.

    On the other hand, I don’t believe that terrorists and extremist need a reason to “inflame tensions”, that is like saying Obama taxing the rich might make Trump say something derogatory about the current presidential administration. It doesn’t matter. People who hate us will hate us, people trying to harm us would harm us regardless of whether or not Osama was killed.

    Psycho-paths and extremists don’t need excuses.

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