Weather Whine

Heard myself complaining that it was muggy today here in Jersey, then remembered that, not too long ago, we were snowed under.  This is my dog, Sheena, in our backyard this past February.  A little humidity?  No big deal.


2 Responses to Weather Whine

  1. sf says:

    When I was in college years ago in Wisconsin, I thought I had “seasonal depression” because I didn’t want to get up and do ANYTHING because it was so cold even inside and the skies were so gray outside. There was a blizzard going through the city even in the middle of May! But ah, this post warms my heart. Wish I had seen it waaaaay back then, cuz then I’m sure it woulda encouraged me to move my booty outta bed. *.*.*.*

    • rhcwilliams says:

      Oh, I don’t think I would thrive in Wisconsin if they have blizzards in May! Yikes. Although here in NJ, there have been tons of snowfalls, and there’s even one predicted for tomorrow. We’ve been going stir crazy with all the piles of snow, and you know how it stays on the side of the road and accumulates dirt? It’s tough on the psyche. I’m hoping one day to have a vacation home in Sedona, so that should solve my weather woes! Just need someone to donate a fortune to me, and we’re good to go!!

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