Techie Translation

HAF 922 by David Atkinson Images
HAF 922, a photo by David Atkinson Images on Flickr.

I don’t understand my son’s Tech Accent. Tech-cent? He’s a gamer and a Tech Dude who throws acronyms at me like “LOL” and “IDK” – sometimes even “Bee Tee Dubs.”

Today he said, “I just heard Windows 8 will support XBox 360 games, Ma.” I said, grunt? Eye roll. “You know, you can play XBox 360 games on Windows 8 once it comes out.” I said, “oh, I get it.” But do I really?


2 Responses to Techie Translation

  1. sf says:

    I know whatcha mean! I too was lost years ago when someone put LOL during an online chat and I had to ask what the heck that was. Unbeknownst to me, that kind of acronyms(?) are all over Facebook, where one can learn much more quickly if FB if you frequent to there often enough. One of the new ones I learned while there was SMH, which means “shaking my head”. I definitely had to look up ROTFL, when a blogger posted that as a comment. It means “rolling on the floor laughing”. I think we shall master the art of techie language together soon enough, friend. xD

    • rhcwilliams says:

      SF, The thing about “LOL” is that in my day (I’m 48) we used the acronym to mean “lots of luck”! It really was a thing! So I had to unlearn my ole-leddy (as we say in Jersey) habits and learn these new-fangled whipper-snapper habits! But I’m slowly coming around.

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