I’m From Jersey


So in case you forgot, I’ll just remind youse guys. I’m from Jersey. We go up the turnpike. We go down da shore. And being from Jersey is not just a way of speaking; it’s a way of life. We see the world in our own unique way. We dress like we’re going to a prom in the nineties. Puffy/poufy hair still reigns supreme. Leggings? They never went away.

You’ve heard the rule about always taking off one accessory before you leave the house so you don’t overdo it? Here in Jersey, we put on three more. Bangles! Rings! Hair clippie things! And, oh my, do we ever get our nails done. The thing now is painting your nails two different colors – on the same hand. Plus a little artwork on a fingernail here and there. That’s just how we roll here in Jersey!


2 thoughts on “I’m From Jersey

  1. Funny, Ruth! (or maybe not) 🙂
    I’ll have to send this on to my son!
    He has a 2 year old daughter who was born in Iowa, but Sam is just 3 weeks old – so he’s a true New Jersite(an)?

  2. Ah yes, Debbie… Sam is one of ours! I think we use “New Jerseyite” or “New Jerseyan” but we’re usually less formal and say, y’know, “I’m from Jersey.”

    I wanted to mention another nice faith blog I found on WordPress – faith, sweat & tears. It’s uplifting and it’s written by a lady who’s working, going to school and raising a blended family. Very glad I found it, so wanted to share it with you.

    Thanks for contributing here with your comments! Hope life is treatin’ ya well! 🙂

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