Earthquakes & Hurricanes in Jersey

Here in central Jersey yesterday, we felt the effects of a magnitude 5.9 earthquake centered in Virginia. Some businesses were evacuated, as was Newark City Hall, but depending on where you were located when it occurred, not everyone felt the rumbling. My friend was at work on World’s Fair Drive in Franklin Township and she said that the floor and her desk moved. My son and I were only a street or two away from my friend’s location, and we felt nothing.

Now the next Big Event on the horizon is Hurricane Irene. They say it may bring heavy rains and flooding to the area, so I’m checking the old sump pumps tonight to make sure they are limbered up and raring to go. Fingers crossed that our basement doesn’t flood again.


2 Responses to Earthquakes & Hurricanes in Jersey

  1. Debbie says:

    My daughter-in-law said the door to Sam’s room slammed shut and rocking chair began to rock by itself and she felt like she was in a haunted house!

  2. rhcwilliams says:

    Freaky! I’m glad we didn’t feel anything where we were, Debbie. If the earth had started moving, I would’ve been hot-footin it like the Road Runner. Love stuff like that in disaster movies (Day After Tomorrow is one of my faves) but not in real life!

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