I Declare a State of New Jersency

Beautiful, sunny day in central Jersey today. You'd never know NJ has declared a state of emergency - Hurricane Irene is coming.

When I first drafted this post, I wrote, Governor Christie has declared a state of New Jersey. Mind? Blank. Eyes? Bleary. Too much panic-weather on t.v. Such a pleasant name for a Big Mean Hurricane. Irene. The lady who played Granny on the Beverly Hillbillies was named Irene.

Suffice it to say we are all being told to prepare for the worst here: stock up on bottled water, batteries, flash lights, batten down the hatches if you’ve got a basement – it may flood, so get things you don’t want saturated off the floor. Charge up your cell phones. Pay Ruth Williams back that money you owe her. Oh. Sorry. You don’t owe me money. Do you?

We’re pretty well land-locked where we are, but we’re right next to Middlesex County, which has an evacuation order in effect. All of the shore areas are being told to evacuate. The rest of us play it by ear. Will keep you posted!


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