Noo Joizey ‘n’ Youse. Poifick Tuh-geddah.

Governor Chris Christie is in the news today, doing a little “will he or won’t he?” dance with the media about entering the presidential election.  My prediction is that he won’t run yet, but will become a professional pundit during this election cycle, then throw his hat into the ring in 2016.

The governor’s mentor is former Governor Tom Kean, who had a decidedly un-Jersey accent.  He had a patrician New England dialect, and he famously made a commercial during his tenure to promote tourism in New Jersey.  “New Juh-zee and you, puh-fickt tuh-gethuh,” Kean said.  Comedians had a field day with this, since he sounded nothing like anyone from any part of the garden state.  But how do we actually sound?

I thought about it and came up with this breakdown.

North Jerseyans sound a bit like New Yorkers.

South Jerseyans sound a bit like Philadelphians.

Central Jerseyans are somewhere in the middle.

To describe exactly where we live to other Jerseyans, we say,”What exit are you?”  As in, on the New Jersey Turnpike.

Living in Jersey can also be very taxing.  To the tune of the highest per capita property taxes in the nation.  More Jersey lore in upcoming posts.


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