Writing Tip: Crowdsourced Funding

Okay, I’ve been hearing a lot lately about “crowdsourced funding” – which goes like this:

Writer submits first ten pages of a book in progress.

Readers like it enough to pre-order.

When a certain number of pre-orders is reached, full book is published.

Writer (allegedly) makes big money and lives happily ever after.

So here’s the thing – I can’t find any first-person accounts of writers who have used this method so I can’t tell you if it’s a good idea. There are quite a few crowdsourced funding websites out there now, so I want to ask if anyone has had any experience with these sites, like Pubslush or Kickstarter.

There are so many unanswered questions here, to do with royalties and copyright reversion. Check out the Writer Beware Blog for some background. One commenter on the site suggested writers would be better off trying the Kindle or Nook self-publishing route. Anybody been there, done that? Love to hear your “getting it published” stories.


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