So I’ve been doing a “test drive” on the crowdfunding site, “PUBSLUSH” and it’s been an education, to be sure.  I posted an excerpt last week, but have gotten little response thus far.  Most of the books on the site garner support from social media, and I’m no longer on Facebook, so didn’t do much promotion in that area.

It also seems nearly impossible for writers who post on the site to reach the 2000 supporters needed, although I did like a few of the other writers’ excerpts.  So much so that I even supported one – “The Exchange,” by Rachel Astarte Piccione (note:  that excerpt is NSFW.)

A good experience, but I suppose it’s like my son wanting to play “scratch-off” lottery tickets lately.  It’s a gamble and you hardly ever hit.  But at least it’s a fun game to play!


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