Last Day of NaNoWriMo

Well, this is the last day of National Novel Writing Month and I must admit, I didn’t hit the lofty goal of writing an entire 50,000 word novel.  By the end of today, I’ll be at just over 25,000. Even though I only made it to the halfway point, I still look on it as a success of sorts.

Let me break down the reasons why I won’t get a 50,000 word badge this year:

  1. I’m thinking NaNoWriMo didn’t work for me, but the truth is, I didn’t work for it!  I regarded it as an “extra” – almost a self-indulgent exercise to complete a vanity project.  I didn’t give it the full attention of a “real” deadline (i.e., a paying gig’s deadline.)
  2. The goal of quantity, not quality, left me at times with passages that were verbose and dense with detail, all in the name of the all-important daily word count.
  3. NaNoWriMo’s organizer, the Office of Lights and Letters, seems focused on writers just starting out.  They support “Young Writers'” initiatives, which is admirable, but there seem to be no programs geared toward older and/or established writers.

At the end of the day, I do have about a hundred pages of my historical fiction novel completed.  It’s not my usual genre, so who knows how much time I’ll dedicate to completing it.  Overall, I’d say NaNoWriMo was worth doing, and an experience I’ll remember in a positive light.


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