Small Wonders by Lori Strawn

Just felt the need to post this beautiful prayer by my writing partner, Lori Strawn. Along with Sue Bradford Edwards, we write about faith and positivity on our blog, praypower4today. This prayer – or Prayable, as we called them on that gig – is my all-time favorite. Enjoy!

Small Wonders

I praise You for the tiny glories
I am often too busy to see:
the irregular scallop of a maple leaf,
the impossible yellow of a dandelion,
the perfection of untrammeled snow.

For the scrap of sunlight the cat finds
in the darkened hallway,
I thank You.

For each sudden splendor:
the tickle of grass,
the dizzying dome of sky after rain,
the cozy smell of someone I love,
I exalt You.
Your beauty bursts my heart.


7 Responses to Small Wonders by Lori Strawn

  1. Debbie says:

    Thank you, Ruth!
    Lovely, Lori!
    Happy Easter to you both (and to SueBE)! 😉

  2. rhcwilliams says:

    Happy Easter to you too, Deb! Hope you’re having a wonderful, relaxing day. God bless you and yours!!

  3. sf says:

    Wow, whatta poem! Thanks for sharin’ it!

    • rhcwilliams says:

      Thanks, sf! Isn’t it magnificent? It’s actually my favorite Prayable, and there were hundreds of Prayables on that writing gig we worked on together. Lori is such a fabulous writer, I’m sure her work will endure for the ages. Hope all is well in your world, dear heart! Peace & Blessings, Ruth

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