Litmus Test: Are You from Jersey?


I’m not sure I would pass the litmus test of being from Jersey – the test being, we’re always in a hurry.  We speed to the red light, stop on a dime, then tear down the highway as if it was a NASCAR race.

When I realized that I was the only one in Jersey who actually observes the speed limit, it made me wonder.  I was born here… right?  I was pretty young at birth, so I don’t really remember first-hand, but I’ve been taking my mom’s word for it my whole life.

Am I really from Jersey?  Let’s think on this.

  • I don’t consider stop signs optional
  • I don’t consider tailgating the normal method of driving
  • I don’t consider seeing a Bon Jovi cover band in a dive bar a fun night out

Hmmm…. Now I’m wondering!

Oh wait, it’s okay.  I still default to big hair (even though it’s no longer the 80s), I think nail art is bee-yoo-tee-full, and I consider lamé to be anything but lame.

Yeppers.  I am indeed from Jersey!  Youse gotta prahlem widat?


4 thoughts on “Litmus Test: Are You from Jersey?

  1. Hey Deb, did you get my email? I sent it to your gmail account address, but am not sure what’s getting through. I’ll put a comment up on your site too so we can hook up with a project. Catch youse layta! 🙂

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