New Jersey’s Medical Marijuana Debate


At a Town Hall meeting today, Governor Christie proposed a “drug court” for offenders busted for personal use of drugs that would send them to rehab instead of jail.

I think this idea should extend to a New Jersey man who was sentenced to five years in jail for growing marijuana to help with his symptoms of MS. 

I was diagnosed with MS ten years ago, and I can tell you that doctors prescribe several different types of medication for the symptoms:  one for spasticity, one for fatigue, one for headaches, and an injection to prevent further exacerbations.  If most of these symptoms can be addressed with a joint and a bag of Doritos (not a sponsor, mind you), I say, smoke ‘em if you got ‘em.

Never been a pot-smoker, but New Jersey passed a law two years ago under then-Governor Corzine that legalized medicinal marijuana dispensaries for MS patients, yet not a single one has opened.

It won’t mean that New Jersey will become a den of druggies; it might give relief to people in pain and give them back some quality of life.  Surely something to consider.


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