Jersey News

July 19, 2012

In New Jersey today, Governor Christie signed into law a bill allowing non-violent drug offenders the chance to go into rehab, not prison.

“If you’re pro-life, as I am, you can’t be pro-life just in the womb,” Christie said. “Every life is precious and every one of God’s creatures can be redeemed.”

In related news, it’s been leaked that Governor Christie will be giving the keynote speech at the Republican National Convention, which would debunk my theory that he’s been tapped to be Romney’s running mate.


July 17, 2012

It bounces off the walls of our souls
and says, “I am here, I am here.”
It is better than any map.
Easier to read, available always.

Whether prayer is
whispered in a cloister
or bellowed to the wide sky,
it always finds its way.

Lori Strawn

Be Still

July 17, 2012

Help me to remember
that prayer is more
than just touching base.

Still my mind.

Calm my soul.

Give me the serenity
that I must have
to slow,
to stop,
and to listen.

Only then will I hear
Your voice,
speaking to me.
Giving me all
that I ask for and,
more importantly,
all that I need.


Help to Pray
Sue Bradford Edwards

Faith Forward

July 17, 2012

Ask God’s help. Do it yourself.
Get on your knees and pray.
Get on your feet and walk.
Be about it. Now move.

Live with Grace


July 12, 2012

Being a person of faith is a tough gig in a world such as this one.

Church leaders turn a blind eye to abuses.
Shepherds fleece their flocks.
Bigotry and back-biting run rampant.

But there are still so many good people doing the right thing.

Some of them are atheists, some are Muslims, some are gay.
All trying to raise their kids, do their jobs, pay the bills.

My minister isn’t an old man with vestments and a scepter.
It’s that little boy who defended his albino brother from bullies.

It’s the painfully old lady carefully pulling her ancient sedan
into two parking spaces at the grocery store.
Waiting in the car in the sweltering summer heat
sits an even older lady with sunglasses covering her whole tiny face.

It’s me, carrying my dog out into the yard for one last try,
even though she’s on palliative care and her literal last legs.
It’s me again, alone at the vet’s office, signing papers
to take away my own best friend.

There for each other.
There when nobody’s watching.
There but for the grace of God.

Be Uplifted

July 12, 2012

Only as high as I reach can I grow,
only as far as I seek can I go,
only as deep as I look can I see,
only as much as I dream can I be.

Karen Ravn, author, “Our Inward Journey”

Vice Prez Audition Tour

July 6, 2012

Okay, I’m officially predicting that Governor Christie will be asked to be Mitt Romney’s running mate, and he will accept.  Then of course, he’ll run for the Big Job in 2016.  Love him or hate him, he’s 100% New Jersey, through and through.  Here’s a montage of Da Guv in action.

Writing Tip: Boil it Down

July 5, 2012


I believe in reduction writing.  When you make gravy, you take a big pot of ingredients – meat, spices – and you boil it down to (its) essence.  Use that principle in writing:  two terrific sentences rather than four long, tedious paragraphs.

Janet Evanovich

(Best-selling author, Jersey girl)