Jersey News: Husband of the Year

In sickness and in health.  For richer, for poorer.  For better or worse.  But how about this one?  A man in West Caldwell loses a bet with friends and deliberately floods his own house.

See, Jason Brown owns a flood remediation company, so he set out to prove that he could make his home as good as new within days.  But he was shocked –  shocked, mind you! – when his wife left, taking the kids with her.

“I thought she’d be more receptive to this idea,” Brown said.  When the reporter asked, “Do you think she’ll come back?”  His answer was, “I don’t know.  It doesn’t look good.”  The look of genuine surprise on his face is what gets me.

You have to see this clip to believe it.  I’m not making it up!


4 Responses to Jersey News: Husband of the Year

  1. Debbie says:

    Just speechless here!

  2. sf says:

    What some people will do for a bet. That’s why I never bet and especially not money (even a buck!) – cuz I’m SURE I’m gonna be wrong/lose.

    • rhcwilliams says:

      I know, right? The thing that toasted my bagel is that the husband didn’t even seem to realize he had done such a bone-head move. He thought it would be good for business? Hadn’t he ever heard the phrase: “Happy Wife, Happy Life?” Too much!

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