Blast Email from Public Service Electric & Gas


Additional crews and equipment on hand to restore service

PSE&G is closely monitoring the track of Hurricane Sandy and is making emergency preparations should the storm bring heavy rain, strong winds and flooding to our service territory. At this time, the storm is expected to begin impacting New Jersey as early as late Sunday with the full brunt of the storm hitting the area on Monday and/or Tuesday.

In anticipation of Hurricane Sandy, PSE&G is taking the following steps to ensure that the utility is ready to respond to what may be widespread power outages:

  • Ensuring that all available personnel are ready to respond beginning this weekend.
  • Arranging for contractors, including tree crews, to assist the utility’s own skilled workforce.
  • Ensuring that additional supplies, such as poles, transformers and other pole-top equipment, are on hand.
  • Ensuring that all vehicles are fueled and ready to go.
  • Testing generators at utility locations.
  • Checking locations for potential flooding and taking precautions, such as using sandbags to help divert water from substation equipment.
  • Coordinating with county OEMs to keep them updated on outages and restoration efforts.

Clearly, a storm like Hurricane Sandy has the potential to interrupt service. High winds might cause trees to brush up against power lines, and lightning could strike and damage trees or pole-top equipment. There also is the potential for trees to be uprooted.

Depending on the severity of the storm, response times for both electric and gas emergency services may be longer than usual. PSE&G asks for our customers’ patience and cooperation as we work to safely restore service as quickly as possible. As the storm gets closer, the utility will provide information about estimated restoration times.

To report downed wires or power outages, customers should call PSE&G’s Customer Service line at 1-800-436-PSEG. PSE&G uses an automated system to handle customer calls as efficiently as possible. Customers who get an automated response when calling PSE&G are encouraged to use it, as it is designed to route their calls to the right destination quickly. The system also provides the option to speak directly to a customer service representative. If you have specific information regarding damage to wires, transformers or poles, we ask that you speak with a representative to provide that information.

Customers with a handheld device, or who are at an alternate location with power, can also report power outages and view the status of their outage by logging in to My Account at General outage activity throughout our service territory is available online at and updates are posted on during severe weather.

In addition, if outages are widespread, the utility will activate its Twitter page to keep the public informed about our restoration progress. Sign up as a follower at to monitor restoration progress.


4 thoughts on “Blast Email from Public Service Electric & Gas

  1. I know, right? Well, I don’t know if they’ll do some kind of evacuation thing if it gets bad, but I hope to ride it out. If only I had a place in the Hamptons or Sedona, I’d surely bail! 🙂 Stay safe too, Pidgie Luv!

  2. Carollouise

    We suffered through outages during Tropical Storm Irene (early Sunday A.M. through Tuesday P.M.) and the freak October snowstorm (Sat. afternoon through Fri. afternoon) so I hope we do not lose power again. Yes, we made it through both times last year-but just thinking about dealing with it again makes me anxious. Did see PSE&G in my neighborhood checking things out yesterday. We just had a bunch of trees on our property removed so at least we won’t be dealing with the possibility of falling limbs and I am hoping since they are not mentioning snow this time that perhaps that will keep things more managable.

    • I know what you mean Carol – when I think of what we went through with Hurricane Irene last year, it makes me anxious too. The basement had two feet of water and it took forever to clear it out. Crossing my fingers we come through with minimal damage! Thanks for checking in!

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