PSE&G Power Outage Update

PSE&G Service Restoration Update – Friday, November 9, 2012 at 4:00 p.m.

— 19,000 remain from Hurricane Sandy. Power has been restored to 98 percent of 1.7 million customers impacted.
— 35,800 remain from the Nor’easter Wednesday night.

  • PSE&G expects to have power restored to 99 percent of remaining customers affected by Hurricane Sandy by midnight tonight. There may be some customers whose restoration will extend into the weekend, depending on the amount of repairs that need to be done in individual neighborhoods. The nearly 4,000 utility and out-of-state linemen will continue to work around the clock until the last customer is back in service.
  • Most of the remaining outages result from localized issues that were not corrected when a system or circuit outage was restored. Since service restoration began, PSE&G has replaced at least 2,500 poles and 1,000 transformers, as well as cut down 41,000 trees, to repair widespread damage from the hurricane. Contrary to rumors, PSE&G has ample supplies of poles and other equipment on hand.
  • Advice for customers: If your neighbors have had their power restored and you are still out, please call customer service at 1 800-436-7734. If our automated system indicates that power has been restored to your area and you have no power, please follow the prompts to place a new “no power” order. If the system states that your order already is registered, there is no need to place a new one. Unless customers call to report an outage, PSE&G may not know that there is still an issue at a particular location.
  • Gas inspections: to safeguard the public’s safety, PSE&G is inspecting customer gas piping, metering equipment and appliances in towns flooded by Sandy. Inspections are complete in 20 towns, with no additional gas shut-offs expected. Door-to-door inspections will continue over the next few days in Harrison, Bayonne, Hoboken, Jersey City, Moonachie and Little Ferry. If someone is not home, we will leave a card with a phone number to call. A gas inspector will be available in the evenings. Inspections will take priority over other gas-related calls, except emergencies.
  • Since the start of the storm, PSE&G call centers have handled more than 2.1 million calls. We have suspended non-emergency work so that more workers are available to respond to customer calls.

2 Responses to PSE&G Power Outage Update

  1. Debbie says:

    I’ve been wondering about you, my friend, but haven’t had any internet for days now (no storms, just too far from a tower in this new location).
    So, you do have power, right? My heart is heavy for all those who still don’t and have had to deal with the cold and snow on top of it all. Continuing to keep you in my prayers.

  2. rhcwilliams says:

    Hi Deb! We’ve had some on/off times with power, but we have it now. So many people nearby still don’t have it and they have to go to warming/charging stations to get powered up. Thanks for keeping me in your prayers, dear heart! Every good thought helps. 🙂

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