Heartwarmer du Jour

January 4, 2014

Nothing like a heartwarming, true story to start the New Year off right! I read about a homeless man who was interviewed by Stanley Roberts of KRON-TV in San Francisco, and as it turned out, he was the original drummer for the band Santana.  Roberts connected him with Carlos Santana, who plans to help his former bandmate. Marcus “the Magnificent” Malone, get back on his feet.

I read about this story first on the Christian Post, and in their article, the things they quoted Santana and Malone as saying sound like lyrics from a song yet to be written:

“You don’t know how afraid I am to let you see me,” Malone said, looking disheveled.

“You don’t know how hard I prayed to get to see you,” replied Santana.

Darn imaginary onions I wasn’t chopping!  Great. There’s something in my eye now. Hope we have more stories like this one as the year goes on.

In The Beginning (John 1:1-2)

January 1, 2014

Re-blogged from BJ Richardson’s inspirational blog, The River Walk.  Happy New Year to All!

In The Beginning (John 1:1-2).