Nexus of Nebulas


This dress of flesh, vested with my essence
comprised of skin, synapse, and sinew,
isn’t meant to be some random receptacle
of ennui, contempt, regret.
We are not the sum total of what life has thrown at us.
We are more than all the pain of the past.
Once you let go, you’ll be amazed: life can regenerate.
We can stand at the Intersection of Everything.
At the Nexus of Nebulas.
We can stare into the sun and see the vast expanse before us
or we can look back at the dark matter and say it cannot be.
So what do you lose if you try one more time?
Walk with me, wherever you are. You’ll never pass this way again.

2 Responses to Nexus of Nebulas

  1. Lou Borges says:

    This is not a comment but a request.

    I am attempting to establish an email contact with a Freelance Writer by the name of Ruth Williams who posted the following article

    in the Cranford Patch, dated October 30, 2009.

    I live in Northern California and I am looking for information on the subject of that article who I met over fifty years ago in 1964.

    If you are that writer would you please email me and I will be happy to relate why I have been searching for this information.

    If you are not, please accept my apology, but I would ask that you reply to let me know you are not the source I am looking for.

    Thank you.

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