A Poem for Christmas – by Poet Lori Strawn



He will come again perhaps in snow
or baked earth like the first time,
no one knows.
And if today,
what would he make
of sleighs and bells,
garlands, garish green
and red everywhere?
Perhaps he would shake his head
and chuckle at the foibles of his siblings.
Or point out, with rather more force,
“That’s a lot of hoopla
for a baby born in a manger.”
I myself would turn it all away,
all the tinsel and trimmings,
for a single moment of pure love.
That is what he came for,
and that is what he died for.
And so I say:
To beings everywhere —
You are greatly loved.
Believe it.
(That sharp uptick in your heart —
that right there is Christmas.)

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2 thoughts on “A Poem for Christmas – by Poet Lori Strawn

  1. sf

    Thank you always for your encouraging words and kind-giving heart! May God continue to bless you this new year and the years and years to come! Beautiful, imaginative, and exciting writing travels to ya, friend! :oD

    • Blessings to you, too, dear sf! I know you’ll continue to be putting your wonderful, optimistic, uplifting spin on all you do. And I know you’ll still be writing, in some form or other, because you’ve got something to say and you see the world in such a unique way. Keep us all in the loop so we can find you again when you return to the blogosphere! Take good care, Ruth

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