Gift of Guilt by Pat Cegan – Didn’t Write This One. Wish I Had! :)

March 31, 2015

Just Wow!

Source of Inspiration


Follow your guilt
for it is your soul
talking to you
making you feel uncomfortable
showing you what needs attention.

Love yourself more than
your need to please others.
Let go of needing acceptance
release the need to fix, save
rescue others.
Let others live their lives
to learn from their experiences.
You do the same.

The best way to help others
is to live the life you
want them to have.
Practice allowing
which creates space
for others to find
their own answers.
Become selfish
live your own life
to its fullest–a life of love.

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Watched This Twice. Cried Both Times.

March 9, 2015

Another wonderful find from Spiritbath! You should follow them too, if you haven’t already visited their site. Always uplifting!