Fluffy Friends Du Jour


Love this clip from NatGeo’s Unlikely Animal Friends. Never before have I heard a woman say that her husband loves someone else more than he loves her, all the while, smiling such a huge grin that it clearly didn’t bother her. Oh, and by the way, the one her husband loves is a four-legged creature you don’t often see in someone’s home! 🌺





This is my cat, KitKat J. Snorington, binge-watching his version of Nature NetFlix. Just outside, a whole world of squirrels, chattering birds, and two raccoons (such frequent visitors, we’ve named them Rocco and Enrique) mesmerize him for hours. Until it’s time for his catnap (which lasts for most of the day, just FYI). At that point, he lives up to his name, and starts snoring – a ton. 🙂

Mother’s Day Ode



Relatives tell me I look a lot like my late mother (she would never have liked the term late, for indeed, she was always on time for any appointment).

While we do share some characteristics (like the patented “snort and cackle” when laughing – the snackle, if you will) and a penchant for saying to unresponsive teen-age ears, “Enunciate!,” I’d have to say we were not really all that similar.

  •  She spoke five languages.
  •  I speech wun (Inglich).
  •  She played Bach like nobody’s business.
  •  I play the radio like a professional.
  •  She was genteel and cultured.
  •  I am kinda like, from Jersey (she was too, but seemed less so, if youse know what’m sayin.)
  •  She was always in my corner and cheered me on no matter what.
  •  I was oblivious to her encouragement until it wasn’t there anymore.

Thank you, Lord, for the mother you gifted me with.  I hope she’s snackling up there with you, playing a fugue on the piano and sitting in that log cabin she always pined for.  God bless all the mothers, always in our hearts.

Joizey Bans DWS: Driving While Smiling


When you come to New Jersey for a visit, don’t smile.  We frown on happiness here!  Nah, not really.  But a new law bans smiling too big for your driver’s license picture. Apparently, it interferes with facial recognition software that will eventually (!) be used to prevent fraudulent licenses.  The general consensus here is, in Jerzese:

□ All kindsa Big Brudda goin on heyah!

□ Since when were we smilin anyways, pal?

□ More random rules fromma buncha bureaucrats.

√ Alls of the above.  I’m just sayin.




Pet Peeves


I may contact AARP and ask them to retire these pointless, annoying phrases from the English language.

A man who needs no introduction…

ACK! Then stop speaking now.

The experience was so impactful…

Impactful? Sounds like a bad molar.

The thing is, is that…

No, no! One “is” at a time! No soup for you.

In my humble opinion…

One of my friend SueBE’s pet peeves! My thing is, who else’s opinion would it be?

Today, the temperature will be 85, but with the heat index, it will feel like 91.

Just tell me. Shorts or capris? Sneakers or flips?

One thing led to another….

Lazy storytelling (tip of the hat to Brian Regan for this one.)

It was an untimely death…

Please explain. When is death ever “timely?”

Don’t take this personally, but..

Hell to the no! Don’t even continue. But you did!

Don’t take it to heart…

Where else shall I take it then? To liver? To lower lumbago?

Not to toot my own horn, but….


Back in my day, life was simpler.

Beg to differ. Back in the old days, life was duller. We didn’t have the web.

PS Yes. I do have my cranky pants on today, and they’re V.V. comfy. 🙂