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June 28, 2017

Literary Hub is a compendium of interesting books and writing tips that I like to scroll through as I have my morning coffee.

I liked hearing about what Arundhati Roy has been up to lately – her book, The God of Small Things, written in 1997, was a revelation. Now, twenty years later, she’s written a follow-up called The Ministry of Utmost Happiness.  Nice to have her back!

Sunroom Time

September 23, 2014

Sunroom 006

When he was younger, my son and I used to have “sunroom time” – a few minutes in the late afternoon during which we’d sit in the sunroom and talk about (pardon the pun) anything under the sun.

Sunroom 007

Often, if his friends were over, we’d include them, too.

Sunroom 005

It was warm and welcoming in the sunroom, and it seemed like the only time some of these kids had ever been asked, “So how was your day, son?”

Sunroom 011

The bamboo blinds let in just enough light and gave us a view of the trees in the yard, so it felt like a little nature preserve. It was a favorite spot for everybody, including my late, beloved black-lab-mix, Sheena. That’s her in the yard – by the back fence.

This dog toy feels kinda ruff.

Sheena Shadow Chicago Chicken Williams*

Sheen Simmons 009

Now that my son is about to turn sixteen, we no longer have “sunroom time;” in fact, it seems we hardly even have actual conversations. And this is the trajectory of life when our kids grow up. But I wanted to find a way to put my thoughts about life into a book, so I wrote this e-book using Amazon KDP, “Help Yourself, Jumbo Shrimp: A Teen’s Guide to Life, the Future and Everything.”

After I realized that there was no way to adjust the formatting (it uploaded out-of-whack and there is no such thing as Amazon e-book author support), I decided not to promote it, but I did want to leave it active so that when the spirit moves him and the time is right, my son will look at it and nod – maybe even smile a little – thinking back to our warm and fuzzy “sunroom times.”

Sunroom 010

*Course, there’s a story behind Sheena’s full name! More to come.


November 27, 2013

candles 001

Here’s a glorious gem from my writing partner, Lori Strawn.  She and SueBE have been writing such beautiful things lately, I may just re-post everything they write!  They’re that good. Happy Thanksgiving, all!


Helping Hands Prayer

November 25, 2013

Bookmarked Bible 006

Re-posting this beautiful reminder for the season from my writing partner, Sue Bradford Edwards.   Hope you find it as uplifting as I do.  Simple, spare, and says it all!

Helping Hands Prayer.

Level Ground

June 15, 2013

August 4, 2011 012

Two Minutes of Grace is my favorite spirituality blog, so I wanted to share it with you, dear readers.

Level Ground.

Sunday: A Poem for Easter

March 29, 2013

I have to share this prayer-poem from my writing partner, Lori Strawn. It took my breath away and reminded me what the holiday is really about. Have a blessed Easter, all!

Sunday: A Poem for Easter.

Hinky Gigs

September 15, 2012

Actual Job Postings from Craigslist 9/13/12

1.     independent writers wanted

Looking for freelance writers for new magizine id like articles on mma boxing fitness gyms and the such magizine is in the starting phase so all articles willbe volenteer with payment avalable
In the future iwith possable permanent possions avalable down the line

Note:  May I suggest you also hire a “profreader?”

2.     Need someone to write a copywrite sales letter for adult ebook

I need someone to write a copyright sales pitch letter with some fake reviews. I’m trying to sell a adult ebook and I need some one who is good at sales writing. Please send me a sample for your consideration and let me know your rate.

Note:  Instead of writing fake reviews, try writing a better book.

3. Staff Writer – the fastest growing digital media and networking platform in NYC’s real estate industry – is hiring Staff Writers.

Responsibilities include: integrated editorial workflow, copy-editing, gathering industry news, feature writing and web posting.

Ideal candidates possess a working knowledge of media and real estate. Moreover, we are looking for talented writers with an understanding of social media, and strong communication skills.

Initially, this is an unpaid position that will grow into a salary position for the right candidate. Essentially, the position is for writers who are looking to build their editorial portfolio and social following to ultimately secure a full-time job.

Send your resume and writing samples to

Note:  There’s a reason they call them brokers – if you work for them for free, you’ll be broke!

Writing Tip: Boil it Down

July 5, 2012


I believe in reduction writing.  When you make gravy, you take a big pot of ingredients – meat, spices – and you boil it down to (its) essence.  Use that principle in writing:  two terrific sentences rather than four long, tedious paragraphs.

Janet Evanovich

(Best-selling author, Jersey girl)

Writing Tip: Tighten up Flabby Writing Habits

February 7, 2012

Great article from my writing partner Sue Bradford Edwards on WOW – Women on Writing. It’s called A Writer’s Fitness Plan: How to Work Writing into your Daily Life. Real world tips from a world-class writer.